How to Hang It – 1

Crystal B shared the first photo of a “striped” sparkleball and got me thinking.

There are as many ways to hang a sparkleball as there are to make one.  So let’s start at the beginning.  Do you want your sparkleball to hang with the rows horizontal or vertical?

When Crystal B sent a photo of her striped sparkleball, I emailed back to ask how she’d “made the stripes.”  I felt pretty foolish when she said she’d just used two colors of cups.  It took a while for me to realize that how the sparkleball hangs determines how we perceive it.

To accentuate the horizontal rows,  you’ll need to modify the basic instructions.  When you insert the last 4 cups, do it in pairs and leave a gap between them.  Put the plug through the gap and thread the lights  starting in the middle of the half instead of  at the outer edge like the basic instructions show.   (video below)

Of course, you can always follow the basic instructions and still hang your sparkleball horizontally.  But the cord will exit in the middle of the sphere not at top or bottom.

 I happen to like my sparkleballs the original way, hung so the rows run sort of vertical/diagonal (aka willynilly).  I like how the rows blend together, and the formula is not so obvious.  But I did use horizontal row method to make my 4th of July sparkleball in stripes.

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One thought on “How to Hang It – 1

  1. One advantage to hanging the sparkleball horizontal is that it looks the same from all sides.

    That being said, you can get nice bullseye patterns hanging it vertical.

    Another reason I hang mine horizontal is that I hang mine from the bottom.


    I use fishing line (the braided type, not monofilament) to hang my sparkleballs. I feed it through the space between the four top cups and through holes that I melt in two of the bottom cups and back to the top. I do that twice. Then I attach a hook. You can see the string in the horizontal picture above.

    For me, it’s been the best and quickest way to securely hang the hard cup balls.

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