Finding the Right Cups

sparkle ball cups

From your emails and my own trial-and-error, I know how frustrating it can be to find the right soft plastic cups.   Solo® brand  cups are just plain terrific for making a classic sparkleball.  Their unique shape means that 50 make an almost perfect sphere.   Walmart always seems to stock them, and now Amazon has them, too.   Choice brand cups from  are stiffer, shinier, and a bit taller.  They also have rings at the top which I kinda like but you may not.   My all-time favorite is probably Safeway Home brand, but my Von’s grocery hasn’t had them recently.

Solo-style cups are an American thing. Outside the U.S.,  you’ll have to order online or use the any-size cup instructions.

Be warned. Some 9 oz cups are shaped differently and do not work for Original Sparkleball.   If 12  of your cups doesn’t make a nice circle, don’t despair. Switch to instructions for hard cups or any-size cups to find the right formula for the cups you have.

Along with Fabri-kal, above are cups I’ve used for  a 13″ classic sparkle ball.   Should you find others that work, please let us know.  Email or comment.  Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Cups

  1. The beauty of the soft cups is that you can staple them together. Making the half balls takes very little time once you have the hang of it. Putting in the lights is what takes all the time.

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