The Mini

the mini: made with shot glasses and paper clips or hot glue

Shot glasses and paper clips make one sturdy little sparkleball. Don’t like the clips?  Hot-glue it!  This one also looks great with the lights simply stuffed in the middle, so it’s perfect for a kid’s project.  (Blog post on soft cup Mini here and more mini ideas at bottom of page.)



formula 18-16-12-7-1

1.   ring1
Clip 18 cups in a ring.
If 18 doesn’t make a nice tidy circle your cups aren’t the right size.
Switch to  Any Size Cup instructions.

2.    ring2
Clip 16 cups on top of the 18-ring.

3.    ring3
Clip 12 cups on top of the 16-ring.

4.    004
Clip 7 cups on top of 12-ring.

5.    005
Add last cup to the top, clipping to 3 different cups.
There will be a gap.

6.    007
Stuff lights in center.
Run plug out through gap at top or at edge between halves.

— OR —

a.   solder
With hot soldering iron melt 1/2″ holes in 25 cups, randomly spaced.

 b.   008
Insert 1 light per hole; 25 per side. 
Start from center with plug hanging out of gap.  End in cup on outside edge.

7.    009
Make 2nd side.
If inserting lights, start at opposite end of cord so lights meet in the middle.

8.    0010
Clip sides together.
Add more clips wherever cups touch.

9.    hanger
Make hanger out of paper clips.
OR solder hole between cups and use a zip-tie, ring, or hook.

To hot-glue: make the two sides with paper clips. 
Where cups touch, squeeze hot glue between them.
Pressure from the clip makes bond strong.

Let set overnight before removing paper clips.
Add lights.  Repeat clip/glue process to join sides.


–   Blog Post on Making 11″, 9″, and 7″ Mini Sparkleballs
–   more mini’s made from a variety of small cups – click for details


hard cup / hot glue

 original sparkleball


any size cup



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