Best Stapler for Making Sparkleballs

It’s called a plier stapler.   Like everything else in life, with the right tool you can do anything.  Buy a plier stapler, and your hand will thank you.  Your sparkleball will turn out better because you can staple deep in the cups, and the staplers are stronger.  I’ve used an Arrow P22. for years. Sometimes  it’s clunky, […]

checklist for making sparkleballs

Here’s an easy checklist to nudge you gently forward on making the sparkleball you’ve always wanted.  With the materials on hand, you’re halfway there. 1. Cups. When you’re grocery shopping, back-to-school shopping, or at the pharmacy look out for Solo 9oz tumblers. They come in packs of 40s and 50s, and you’ll need 50 cups […]

Why I Love the Arrow P22

Nobody pays me to promote the Arrow P22.  I’ve  tried other plier staplers, but the P22 is  my personal favorite  for building sparkleballs.  It staples plastic cups like butter.  Well, almost.  Sometimes it needs a little oil. Sometimes  a staple jams. It’s a tad clunky.  But we’re old friends, and nothing does the job better. Today I learned that […]