Best Stapler for Making Sparkleballs

It’s called a plier stapler.   Like everything else in life, with the right tool you can do anything.  Buy a plier stapler, and your hand will thank you.  Your sparkleball will turn out better because you can staple deep in the cups, and the staplers are stronger.  I’ve used an Arrow P22. for years. Sometimes  it’s clunky, but if I keep it oiled it’s pretty great.  Don’t forget to buy staples!  Each stapler has its own brand of staples and you have to buy them separately.
You can find plier staplers at hardware stores and online.

click on stapler photo for more information.

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20 thoughts on “Best Stapler for Making Sparkleballs

  1. You left one out on your list that I use. I use clear 1/2″ wide crystal clear gloss weatherproof address labels to hold together the hard cups at times. The sparkle egg is made with only address labels.
    I bought mine at but they are available many places. I think that the weatherproof factor is key.

    I made a 9 oz. hard cup ball with only address labels. It was a little floppy but looked OK hanging.

    Mostly I use them to reinforce key glue joints when I am using the larger cups. They keep the joints from slipping until the silicon caulk as completely set.

  2. My only complaint about the P-22 stapler is that it jams occasionally when it is getting low on staples. Clearing the jam can be a real pain sometimes.

    However, reading reviews online, it seems that jamming is common to all brands. Now I never put a short piece of staples in the gun. Only 1/2 a stick of staples or more.

    1. Hey Terry! You can buy pre-made sparkleballs IF you can find someone who makes them to sell. Also, the shipping costs can be high if they’re not local. Lots of people have sold on Facebook and on Craigslist. Try googling “sparkleballs for sale.” Or paying a teenager you know to make you one :)

  3. I just recently shipped one to a friend in New Mexico. I sent it regular mail and it cost $11.09. It was in a cardboard box that was 14 x 14 x 14 inches. It arrived in fine shape. The soft cup balls are almost bomb proof.

  4. An added note: Finding the 14 x 14 x 14 box is the hard part. 16 x 16 x 16 boxes are more readily available but will cost you more to ship.

  5. Hi, I’ve heard that using a so-called “long” stapler is best as supposedly it will reach down to the bottom of each cup.
    Have you heard this? If so, which stapler might I be looking for and where to find it?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Vicki~ yes, the “long” stapler is also called a plier stapler. It’s a great tool and worth purchasing. You’ll use it for sparkleballs, but it also comes in handy for other things, too. Its staples are heavier, and the design of the stapler means you can get a good grip for the strong staple. If you read this post, you’ll see that you can order it online from Amazon and other places. I bet you can find one at your local hardware store, too. Not sure about craft stores. Ask for an Arrow P 22 or “plier” stapler. Don’t forget to buy staples too! You’ll want the 225 or 226 Arrow P22 staples. BUT there are other brands of staplers out there. Good luck! ~alex

      1. Thanks so much for your reply! Didn’t know the plier kind was indeed the “long” stapler I was seeking!
        Now, will I have the moxie to try to make a sparkleball? Moreover, will anyone actually buy one from me?
        I’d love to sell them to make some much needed $$$ but we’re getting too close to the season now, so maybe next year – or are sparkleballs a year ’round item?
        Vicki : )

        1. I just found an even better stapler and now will have to revise my post! The Rapid Classic K1 Staples like butter :) Sparkleballs are totally year round — Valentine’s, Easter, St Patricks, Halloween. The real thing is if you like making them and have a good means of selling them — through FB, Craig’s List, or through a local farmer’s market etc. Word of Mouth works great if you start making them for friends.

          1. Nice to know they’re year ’round items! I’ll make note of that stapler, too. I recall reading another post re sparkleballs and they made a point a saying to get a stapler that would reach to the very bottom of the cups for aesthetic reasons….Thanks again!

          2. It’s me again! I have that stapler but I got it over 20 years ago; mine was made in Sweden.
            I will say this: the thing you pull out and put back in to load the staples is a spring like thing and can feel wobbly if too many staples are being put in. I’m going to dab on a bit of WD-40 which may help in that regard.
            And, it does not reach the bottom of a Solo cup, which for me defeats the purpose.
            Otherwise, it’s built like a tank (at least mine is). Good luck!

          3. Hey Vicki, I just bought the Swedish one. It seems great but I have to put it to the test. You may have the heavy duty one, mine is just the average one. If you can staple mid-way down or even near the top, you should be ok. You really won’t see the staples once it’s hanging. Thanks for the info! Alex

  6. I am in desperate need of a ball but failed miserably when I attempted twice to make one. My boyfriends grandma died last year and she had one that he loved. I want to surprise him with one, it will make his Xmas. Would you be willing to make one, will pay!??

    1. Hi Malaina, I just sent you an email. I’m glad you reached out and I’m sorry you’ve had trouble making the sparkleball. I don’t make sparkleballs to sell, but I do have a Sparkleball Kit which I can almost guarantee :) you will have success with. So far, everyone has who’s bought one. If you’d rather buy one, check out Sparkleball Ladies on Facebook. They are selling for the holidays, and I think they ship. They are in Valdosta GA.

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