Baltimore Ball Drop

Every New Year’s Eve there’s a party crawl in Steven Wilson’s Baltimore neighborhood.  Neighbors visit 5-6 houses, then end up at Steven’s house.   This year he decided to go all out with a spectacular Midnight Ball Drop.  Starting the project in early December, Steven built a mega-sparkleball with 10 oz hard cups, foil tape, and Applights.  He ran PVC pipe through the middle so the ball would slide down a pole and made a support out of wire hoops from Michael’s. And that’s just the half of it.  Check out the rooftop lowering system.

Video of the drop 

Thank you Steven for sharing the photos, video, and idea.








Sparkleballs for New Year’s Eve

There are two ways to go with your New Year’s Eve sparkleball.  Giant drop-the-ball-at-midnight dazzle. (and see below) And champagne-sparkly-chic like Nargiza, Nick, Misha, and the Pinks.   Happy New Year!

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How to Make New Year’s Sparkle

Just one sparkleball will add chic to your New Year’s party, whether fancy or football. Everybody will want to know how you made this amazing ball of light thing.  And you’ll say,  well, it’s just Solo cups and Christmas lights :) If you can bear it, race to Walmart or Target or CVS to buy your lights half-price.  (Walmart also has Solo cups.)  Think of using battery-powered lights, then you can make a sparkleball centerpiece for the table.  Don’t forget the stapler or soldering iron.  Or order a sparkleball kit!

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DIY the Original Sparkleball

– Order Sparkleball Kit

More New Year’s Ideas

Lady Beth Entertains

The theme of her son’s 18th birthday party was Gentlemen’s Agreement Masquerade, so Lady Beth let her creative side  — in her words — “go wild.”  Among the decorations she made are these very wild, very cool sparkleballs.  Embellished cleverly with handcrafted masks, feathers, and jewels,  they look almost like fancy party guests themselves.   A big thank you to Lady Beth for sharing.  And very best wishes to her son :)

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