Black Beauty


Fran, my neighbor across the street, always rates my sparkleballs.  After all, she has to look at them.  The newest one scored an A+.    “Black Beauty,” as Fran calls it, is an Original Sparkleball with black cups inserted inside each clear cup.  The black cups are Hannah K brand from Amazon.  I intended to use them by themselves to make a black sparkleball for Halloween, but the ball didn’t come out right.  So I added them to a clear sparkleball.  This will work for any cup you can drill or make a hole in. As you add lights, put a black cup inside a clear one and insert lights through both. The Hannah K cups come in lots of cool colors which will be fun for the holidays.




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Super Bowl Sparkleball

I’m not a big football fan, but my friend Carol is, especially with this year’s Super Bowl happening in her backyard.  She felt like the perfect way to kick off the festivities was with a gold (official color of Super Bowl 50!)  sparkleball.   Carol opted to go the spray-paint route.  In 6 of the cups, she created little “windows” with painter’s tape (see below) so more light gets out and shows off the gold color at night.

How about a team ball?  Orange and navy for Broncos.  Black-blue-silver for Panthers.  Spray paint cups like Carol did and build the Original Sparkleball.  Or make a Hard Cup Sparkleball with color cups from Party City.  Or use different color mini lights (available on Amazon or at any number of Christmas lights outlets online.)  Hang it on the front porch, and everybody will know where the Super Bowl party is.  Then post and tag #sparkleball on  facebook, instagram or twitter :)

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Aplejaks‘ sparkleball

I have fun on Instagram and Twitter searching for #sparkleball.  When results come up, I swipe through the cat toys and earrings and Sparkle Ball fundraiser fancy dress parties, til I get to somebody’s new sparkleball.  It’s usually a super excited post about making a sparkleball for the first time with lots of !!!!!!!!!!’s.  Comments always follow full of more !!!!!!!!!!!’s and friends saying things like “make me one!” and “oooooo. so pretty!”  That’s how I found @Aplejaks’ sweet sparkleball video .  Whoever and wherever you are, Thank you Aplejaks and Little Person in the Background for letting me share from your Instagram sparkleball video.