But are they Sparkleballs?

I’ve seen a bunch of pseudo-sparkleballs in my time, and some are pretty wonderful.  Manufactured sparkleballs are really just round light fixtures, and none of them have that  je ne sais quoi  of  a real one. They don’t have the Original Sparkleball‘s  50 little reflective chambers, nor its inimitable sparkle and glow.   The deal is, sparkleballs are handmade.  If you want one you’ll have to make it.  Or find someone to make it for you.  

Fake Sparkleball
I spotted this one in Palm Springs last week. It was pretty glamorous. (Moori, $300)


What’s Hanging Now – January

wintersparkleballEvery January my husband Steve would say, “Time to take down the sparkleballs!”   I’d mope.  He’d do the job alone and say, “You know we have to, or they’ll stop feeling special at Christmas.”

That was then.

Now we hang a sparkleball  year-round.  Just one, off the garage outside the front  gate.  It’s set to a timer to come on at dusk, off at midnight. It also comes on for a few hours before dawn.

I don’t know who enjoys it more, me or Steve.  Our everyday, non-holiday sparkleball is always a happy sight when we arrive home, whether from the evening dog walk or a holiday away.   It feels more special than ever.

The current version is in honor of El Niño and the record-setting rain predicted for San Diego this winter.   I mixed 3 strands of lights: one Halloween orange and two white.  The glow is golden and cheery and just perfect for a wet January.