Gender and Sparkleballs

Sparkleball made by one of Joni’s students

Many years ago my website had a stats page that showed the gender of visitors.  That sounded kind of bogus to me then, that the algorithms were that smart , but the stats were intriguing.  Readership was exactly 50/50 male and female.   Then Joni wrote.  She was an arts teacher in Scotland who used sparkleballs as a craft in her classes for at-risk teenage boys.  It was their favorite craft activity, she said, and coming up with crafts the boys liked hadn’t been easy.   So her boys liked a craft that was equally popular with girls!  Of course, today anyone can do anything.  Men crochet.  Women weld.   And there are 56 different genders on Facebook.  But I like equality, and equality is what 50/50 means to me.  Welcome all.

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