2 thoughts on “Horizontal Rows

  1. where do you get the red white and blue lights for the 4th of July light also where can you get the colored cups?

    1. In these sparkleballs, I believe Carl used white (clear) lights, But you can find red, white, and blue lights separately now at Walmart etc. (I have seen strings of all 3 colors online.) It’s a good time to buy. As for the color cups, they are hard to find. You have two options: paint them https://sparkleball.com/category/july-4th/ and I can help more with that. OR check out Party City online. They used to carry color cups. If you do get them, you’ll need to glue the ball together and use the right formula. https://sparkleball.com/how-to-make/hard-cup-hot-glue/ Chinet also used to make color cups but I haven’t seen them. Make sure you get a cup that says 9 oz. We’re always here if you need more coaching down the line. Good luck!

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