How to Hang It – 1

Crystal’s “striped” sparkleball which got me thinking.

When Crystal B sent a photo of her striped sparkleball, I emailed back to ask how she’d “made the stripes.”  I felt pretty foolish when she said she’d just used two colors of cups.  It took a while for me to realize that how the sparkleball hangs determines how we see it.

To show off the horizontal rows so you see stripes,  you’ll need to put the plug  in the “top” of the sparkleball half. When you insert the last 4 cups, do it in pairs and leave a gap between them.  Put the plug through the gap and thread the lights  starting in the middle of the half.  (video below)

If your plug comes out the middle, the rows will run sort of vertical/diagonal.

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3 thoughts on “How to Hang It – 1

  1. One advantage to hanging the sparkleball horizontal is that it looks the same from all sides.

    That being said, you can get nice bullseye patterns hanging it vertical.

    Another reason I hang mine horizontal is that I hang mine from the bottom.


    I use fishing line (the braided type, not monofilament) to hang my sparkleballs. I feed it through the space between the four top cups and through holes that I melt in two of the bottom cups and back to the top. I do that twice. Then I attach a hook. You can see the string in the horizontal picture above.

    For me, it’s been the best and quickest way to securely hang the hard cup balls.

    1. I have made a sparkle ball out of 10 oz hard cups ( 286 cups overall ) but now I’m stumped on how to put the 2 halves together and hang it. I have used “app” lights to control it for a New Years “ball drop”
      I am wondering if there are more detailed pictures or instructions on how to support the weight. It does have some weight to it

      1. Hey Steve– Congratulations! That’s quite an undertaking. Did you go to the instruction page for ANY CUP balls? At the page bottom there is more on how to hang the big ones. The main thing is to support from the bottom. So think of ways you can suspend a support that holds the ball. You can see photos of how others did it, but you’ll need a large support for the weight. This should get you thinking. I might try something like a metal ring the ball sits in with wires traveling up through the ball. As for attaching the two halves . . . Carl Boro uses silicon caulk and used it on his giant ball. It’s stronger than hot glue, he says. You’ll need clamps to hold the caulk as it sets for a few days. You could always use bull clips, but the caulk will look better. (BUT the bull clips will allow you to open it back up.) I also sell plastic clips in the Sparkleball STORE. They will look better than bull clips. I hope all this helps. Email me at Alex @ if I can be of more help. Good luck!

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