Happy Easter, Purim, Nowruz, and Holi !

easter sparkle balls
All the spring festivals of the world are colorful and joyous times, even here in California where spring lasts about a day.  In honor of le sacre du printemps, I offer this easy way to make color sparkleballs.

Make an Original Sparkleball.  Buy a can of spray paint meant for use on plastic.Pink Sparkleball Before you add the lights, spray the center of both sides.  Just the center.  Some paint will drift up to the sides of the cups, and there will be some loose spatters.  All good. But you stillYellow Sparkleball want plenty of clear plastic for sparkle.  When it’s dry, add lights.  I used colored lights, but you can go with standard clear or multi’s.  But the best part is, your sparkleball is colorful even when it’s not lit :)

Happy Easter  –  سال نو مبارک  –  Chag Purim Sameach  –  होली मुबारक




2 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Purim, Nowruz, and Holi !

  1. Color.

    That’s why I still like to use hard cups even though they are so much more work and time to make.

    My sister was just suggesting this two days ago. I thought about spraying them on the outside. I would have used a cardboard template to minimize the overspray. But when I see yours, I realize that the overspray is not a bad thing.

    I like the close grouping. That’s not something you would do with hard cups.

    1. Hey Carl, it was all by pure accident as good things often are. Leaving a little plastic, spattered or not, lets the light shine more at night. It’s fun to have other ways to make color balls, since the cups seem harder to find.

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