Hard Cup

5 oz hard cups with shot glasses added for Valentine’s Day

Hard cup sparkleballs require a bit more effort. They take days to make so hotglue can set. The cups crack easily. Drop a hard cup sparkleball, and it’s a disaster.  The hard cups are sparklier and come in fun colors. These instructions will work for many 5 oz cups and 9 oz brands.  For 9 oz Chinet brand cups the formula is slightly different. (see below)

NOTE:  You can also build a Hard Cup Sparkleball with  bobby pins (!) or clear silicon caulk.

5oz   14-11-6-1 / 64
9oz  Party Essentials 14-11-6-1  / 64
9oz  Chinet 14-11-6-1 + middle row of 14 / 78
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DSC_8961 (800x532)
Hard cup sparkleballs by Carl Boro, who taught me his technique. Carl prefers clear silicon caulk instead of hot glue. The caulk takes several days to set and requires paperclips or clamps to hold cups in place as caulk sets.  Carl uses a  |14-11-6-1 + 14 in the middle|  formula with Chinet cups.




2 thoughts on “Hard Cup

  1. I hung a Sparkleball on a tree in my front yard two nights ago. So far I have heard from three neighbors thanking me for making their life a little brighter. One was the daughter of our 80 year old neighbor, one was the wife of a man in the ICU. With that response in mind, I have begun to make new Sparkleballs to give to friends so they can brighten up their neighborhoods. I just have one caveat for my friends–if I give them a Sparkleball they have to promise to hang it up outside.

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