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helpful DIY how-to posts:
–  find the right cups
 tips for inserting lights
–  the best stapler
–  how to hang it – 1
–  how to hang it – 2
–  how to hang it – 3
–  using different lights – 1
–  using different lights – 2
–  drilling a perfect hole
–  how to get it really round
–  make The Original Sparkleball
–  make AnyCup Sparkleball
–  making Mini Sparkleballs

4 thoughts on “How to Make

  1. Hi Tamera! You can skip cups. But you can also plug two strands together (100+100 or 100+50) or buy a strand of 150 so most cups get two. Just make sure when you buy the lights that they can be strung together. Sometimes the 50’s can’t. If you work with 200, then when you put the lights into the cups, randomly distribute the “extra” bulbs so some cups have 3 OR just stuff the leftovers into the middle. Alex

  2. Yes. Any lights. LED’s are more expensive and sharper light. Incandescent (old-school kind) don’t last as long and burn a little hotter. But their light is softer. Both have their good points. Thank you so much for your question, and I apologize the instructions weren’t clear. I corrected the how-to page!

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