Lil Red for Valentine’s Day

lilred1Lil Reds is a brand of shot glasses made to look like mini-versions of the iconic Solo party cup.   These 2 oz red and white cups are great fun because they’re soft enough to staple, and they make an unusual two-toned mini sparkleball.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

specs:  108 cups  |  2x/18-16-12-7-1  | See more Valentine’s Day ideas on Pinterest




2 thoughts on “Lil Red for Valentine’s Day

  1. Lighting only a few of the cups directly (showing as white) and putting the rest of the lights inside to make the unlit cups show red makes a very nice effect. And the white cups are nicely randomized.
    Very nice.

  2. Thanks, Carl! Praise from you is high praise, indeed. I tried it first with just the lights stuffed inside, but wasn’t happy enough with it. Maybe if I hadn’t already drilled the holes. Fun little cups to work with!

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