Any lights on a string (cord) will work, as long as you can get them through the holes in the cups. You’ll have choices regarding LED vs Incandescent bulbs and the color of the wire. It’s up to you. Always test lights before you start inserting in the cups. To make a dancing sparkleball, use chasing minilights with function controller.

One thought on “Lights

  1. I bought sets of incandescent multi-color lights a few years ago. Then I spent time pulling bulbs and separating into like colors. Then I’d re-insert bulbs into whole strands of one single color. The strands were Philips so I’d assume they were quality and they did work fine for a few years. However, I hang my sparkleballs in the tree of my front yard for a Christmas decoration. As snow sits in the cups and the sun bears down I’ve found the coloring on the bulbs is fading. I try to use a sharpie to color the bulbs again so I have decent coloring. Obviously this has all taken me LOTS of time. (Yay Netflix!) After about 5 years I’ve had many many dead bulbs needing replaced which is difficult when they’re down in the cups.

    In short, I wonder if spending the extra money for LED strands would be worthwhile? The bulbs are colored plastic all the way through compared to painted clear glass like the incandescents. Also, I would expect the individual bulbs to last longer. If anyone has any experience with how LED strands have lasted and weathered in sparkleballs I’d love to hear your experience.

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