New Year’s Eve Ideas

macetech1Garrett and Jason’s business is electronic magic-making.  So when they built a New Year’s Eve sparkleball, of course it contained six RGB LED arrays (capable of intense light and color combinations) and several kinds of controllers.  Lowered by a rope from a tree at midnight, it lit up the whole backyard.   And a few years later, they made their ball-drop even more spectacular.

Carl Boro’s giant sparkleball is the annual centerpiece of the carlnye1New Year’s Eve Dance at Cubberley Pavilion.  It is a feat of engineering constructed of 334 10oz hard Chinet cups,  700 led mini-lights, and suspended by a meticulous system of dacron fishing cord above the dance floor.   When not performing, Carl’s NYE Ball rests in its own custom-made storage box.

But don’t worry.   From my experience even just one ordinary sparkleball makes New Year’s Eve sparklier.   Nothing goes better with champagne :)

click on Carl’s photos for details.  More New Year’s sparkleball ideas here and on Pinterest.

Garrett and Jason’s MACETECH sparkleball


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