Norrie Cornelius

Great foto (and camper sparkleball!) by Norrie Cornelius of husband William and son Daniel, who made the sparkleball for his dad’s Christmas gift. This is the official unveiling at their multi-family “Corny Camp” summer gathering on Lake Ontario. It also honors dear Uncle Harold who made their first camper sparkleball years ago.

2 thoughts on “Norrie Cornelius

  1. Thanks for sharing my picture! That’s our younger son with his Dad. Daniel made that sparkle ball for his dad for Christmas (we used to have one at our camp that our Uncle Harold made years ago) and we missed it. This was its “Maiden Hanging”! :D

  2. Got it all corrected, Norrie. I love the story and especially that it’s a camp sparkleball. I’ve always wondered if a camp person didn’t invent sparkleballs, since there seems to be a tradition of sparkleballs and campers.

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