Painting the Cups

Ordinary sparkleballs don’t look that hot in daylight, but painted sparkleballs look terrific.   They’re also a fun way to celebrate your team colors or match the front gate.

With spray-paint, it’s super easy.  Just spray the cups before you start building.  Make sure the spray-paint is made for plastic, then go to town.

I like to spray the thickest coat on the cup bottoms, with just a little overspray on the sides.  Once the ball is together, the wires are hidden but  there’s plenty of clear plastic to shine and reflect the light.  A little like a tie-dyed effect.  To do this, spray once the halves are built before you add the lights.

You can also use more than one color to make a pattern. I generally don’t paint the insides of the cups, just the outsides, but you can paint a sparkleball any way you want :)


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