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13 thoughts on “The Kit

  1. My 11 year old daughter received this Sparkleball Kit. She was so excited to get it! She had a great time making the sparkle ball. It was fun – not difficult. She was really happy with how it turned out. Now she loves turning it on and watching it sparkle. A great project!!

  2. I was so excited to receive my Sparkleball Kit as I love beautiful lighting in my backyard! The kit was easy to put together and would make a great family project. The Sparkleball has survived the windy season, rain storms with the occasional hail thrown in and is still shining brightly in NM. I can’t wait to try some different versions!!! I will be giving these as gifts as I think they’re a great addition to any outdoor space.

  3. I always thought these looked cool lit up at night, and while I am handy, I am not so crafty, so I wasn’t sure how the kit was going to go for me. It was really easy and the clips that come with the kit make it fast to make also. Took less time that I imagined. The first one I made had the Christmas type string lights, but this next one is going to be a rope light with tiny lights that will wrap around the ball! Will post it when I get it made. Soon I hope.

  4. I gave my brother-in-law a sparkleball for Christmas last year, it was the most fun to make and his most favorite gift…. Everyone needs a sparkball kit I am giving them for gifts this year FOR SURE. TOOOO MUCH FUN.
    Thank you Alex.

  5. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Sparkleballs. And enjoy making Sparkleballs. Much fun for us adults. I’ve known about Sparkleballs for years and here finally is an easy, breezy fun kit that I received as a gift. Love it. Thanks for making it all so easy, Sparkleball lady. PS> I’m thinking of ordering a few more kits and going totally off and making a Sparklesuit to wear. Just for fun. What say ye?

  6. Hey Sparkleball Lady!

    I was super excited to get my Sparkleball kit…and yet put off assembling it for a couple of weeks “until I had the time”. The kit, though, took all of the guesswork and labor out of the equation and made it fun and super easy to assemble. What was I waiting for? A BIG thank you for that! I love my Sparkleball and the smile it brings me each night I come home. :) Such a cool light in my courtyard…and is a great decor for anyone, any day of the year, and any occasion.

    p.s. I can’t wait for my neighbors and family to get their Sparkleball gifts this holiday season. But ssshhh….it’s a secret.

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