How to Find Sparkleball Street

My husband and I drove up to Fullerton last week to see the sparkleballs.  The neighbors of North Yale Avenue have been festooning their giant elms with sparkleballs for years now.  With the other streets that have joined in, there must be close to a thousand sparkleballs.  (If I exaggerate, it doesn’t matter. It feels like a thousand sparkleballs.)   It’s as fantastical as I remember, even if they’ve lost a few of their dear trees over the years.  Don Bales has built a new giant sparkleball even more amazing as the last one.  Jeff’s house is still the most festive.   A new city councilman lives in the neighborhood! And it was still fun to see the street during daylight, to admire the feat of wiring that makes this whole show sing.  I marvel at a neighborhood that can work together to make this beautiful thing. To learn more read here :)

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