Story of a 27-year old Sparkleball

Guy got in touch to say his wife’s dancing sparkleball had passed on after 27 years of daily cheer.  Amazing!  Here’s the story in his words, from Sparkleball World on Facebook:

Lamorada1My wife bought it at the doctor’s office in La Mirada CA where she was working, in 1989 around Christmas time. We’ve had it going ever since. As the strand and controller shorted out over the years, I’ve been able to jury-rig every time, to keep it going.  Today, May 11, 2016, the controller finally died. It had 8 functions and four colors: red, gold, green and blue.  At the end only the red lights worked. From La Mirada we moved to the Coachella Valley and finally here to Palm Desert.  Out in the desert, it withstood extreme heat and up to 150 mph winds at times, and it even made it through a 200 mph microburst last week. We had going 365 at night. I’d turn it on every night, and she’d turn it off in the morning. 

Just in case you’re wondering how long your sparkleball might last. . . .

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