Using Battery-Powered Lights !

I have a sparkleball situation coming up where there won’t be an outlet.  Battery-powered lights were the obvious solution, but how good are they?   Pretty great, according to the comments I read on Amazon for Vmanoo string lights.  Folks rave about how long the batteries last.  The lights are on a timer, and several commenters write that one set of D batteries (3) went the entire holiday season.  I’m sold.  I’ll report back when I see how much juice my battery-powered sparkleball has. (see below)

The lights I got–  100 multi “dancing” — are pretty darn bright. (see video below)  There are a few drawbacks.  One,  the battery box is cumbersome and heavy, so you’ll have to find a place for it if you hang the sparkleball.  Two, these are not recommended for bad weather.  But that’s no problem if you just put your sparkleball out when you want it!  How great would these be for a wedding in Vmanoo’s clear white battery lights?  Next, rechargeable batteries :)

UPDATE:  These battery lights are terrific.  I can’t believe how long the batteries have lasted, and they’re super bright.  Can recommend Vmanoo absolutely–  and I’m sure there are other makers.

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