Working with Styrofoam and non-Solo cups


sparkleball by Dustin on INSTRUCTABLES

Only the U.S. has Solo plastic cups, so the rest of the world has to work with other shapes and sizes.  It takes a lot more non-solo cups to form a sphere, even when you’re building with smaller cups. It’s also harder to get these “any cup” balls nice and round.  Our Any Cup How-to shows one way to do it.  But you can find some pretty cool sparkle ball videos on youtube from other countries. I highly recommend the video below by Italian Walter Calabrese.  I tried his method. and it works really well.  (See result here.)   When I finally make a styrofoam  “bubble lamp,” this is the method I’ll use except with hotglue. 

note:  blue and white sparkleball above by Walter Calabrese.


Walter Calabrese, Italy (English version) /youtube      (Italian version here

DIYCORE, Brazil (sparkleball starts at 6:53)/youtube


Jérémy Prince, France/youtube