Why Sparkleballs Matter

display by Wayne and Paula Cunningham (Lakeland FL)
Mihai and Lucas (Amsterdam)

In an email from Amsterdam, Sandra dos Santos sent these words:  May sparkleballs continue to bring light to the darkness.  That’s exactly why I love this craft.  In a world which seems to be growing in darkness and division, how dear it feels to hand-make a small sphere of  light.  How sweet to see sparkleballs around the world in Egypt and Amsterdam and Florida made for no other reason than joy.  Merry Sparkleballs to one and all.


The Sparkleballs of Summer

West Texas (Apartment Therapy photo)

I first saw sparkleballs used as backyard lighting on Apartment Therapy, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it.  Inexpensive, easy to make, weather-proof — and with their own sparkly festive cheer. A few around the patio.  A few in the trees.  Sumetha uses sparkleballs on timers in her backyard landscaping. Even just one can spice up an outdoor event.  On Memorial Day, when my friend Tate plugged in the dancing sparkleball out on his deck,  it was like a celebrity had arrived.   Guests were dazzled, and a few had sparkleball stories to tell, like Jeff whose dad had made them in Michigan.  Sparkleballs do love a party, but they’re just as happy to spend a quiet evening under the stars.