Patio Life


My friend Katie has a tiny patio, which she’s transformed into a sweet little garden hideaway.   She hung her sparkleball under the umbrella, and there’s no more perfect place for a summer glass of wine.

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When Dads Make Sparkleballs

Anthony, the Dad

It used to be that dads made things.  They had workbenches and sheds.  They could fix broken stuff, even if it looked funny.  Every dad had tools. Recently, at a party one of the guests told me his dad was a tool bench kinda guy.  He fixed things around the house and yard, but he also made sparkleballs. This man thought his dad was a genius, because he believed his dad had invented sparkleballs.  “I always wondered how he figured it out,” the man told me.  Take it from Anthony and Frankie in Chicago.  Impress your kids and grandkids.  Make some sparkleballs.  Happy Father’s Day!

Frankie, the Son


The Krauss family, 2006

When I started a friend suggested I jazz it up with other people’s photos. Invite submissions, he said.  I only intended to provide instructions for how to make one.  Who would ever share photos with a stranger? I said.  But people did.  Now there are a jillion places to share craft photos, but ten years ago, not so much.

The photo of the Krauss family was one of the first that came in.  I think it was in 2006 but I’ve lost those first emails from Jane Krauss.  I do remember asking for permission to post it on, and her kind, unequivocal, yes, of course. Little did she know that her family’s photo would spread across the internet like wildfire, popping up on websites all over the world.    If ever there were a perfect sparkleball photo, the Krausses captured it.  The fun.  The dazzle and magic. The doing-it-togetherness.  The sharing.

Everything sparkleballs are about in one sweet shot.