Cup Art

Hangover LampThe “Hangover Lamp” by designer Luis Luna is one of the most popular photographs on  It’s just got this incredible wow factor.   For one thing, it’s red.  Two, it’s made of cups everybody recognizes, but they’re arranged in a surprising way.   And when you look at the photo and try to figure out how to copy it, it’s harder than it looks.  (One of these days, I mean to try.)  In an interview, Mr Luna says he woke up one morning with a hangover and saw all these red cups left from the party. So he gets up and makes a cool light fixture.   Now that’s an artist:)

Read more about the “Hangover Lamp” and see other designs by Luis Luna here, here, and here.

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What’s Hanging Now – May

O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! 

Really, is there any place where May isn’t lovely?  Even in California it’s just a teensy bit greener than usual, and in Texas, where I’m from, May was nigh perfect.  So here’s a frolic, gay, green and merry sparkleball. Random painted cups and 70 LED clear bulbs.   LED’s are often too sharp and bright, so they work perfectly in the painted cups.  This one makes me happy, day or night.

snippet above from THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY,  Thomas Dekker (1572-1631)