Cats and Sparkleballs

Mostly I’m a dog person, but lately I’ve been missing not having a cat.   First there were the fun photos Juleigh took of her cat Tonks (and friend) supervising sparkleball construction at Christmas.  Then recently,  Garrett Mace tweeted that his electronic sparkleball was just one big awesome cat toy.  He proved it with a mesmerizing sparkleball video starring his cat.  Finally,  somehow I missed the Sharon’s photo of Katja on Flickr, so I’m righting my wrong here now. Do you have a sparkleball photo or video with your cat? Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest and share!

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New Year’s Eve Ideas

macetech1Garrett and Jason’s business is electronic magic-making.  So when they built a New Year’s Eve sparkleball, of course it contained six RGB LED arrays (capable of intense light and color combinations) and several kinds of controllers.  Lowered by a rope from a tree at midnight, it lit up the whole backyard.   And a few years later, they made their ball-drop even more spectacular.

Carl Boro’s giant sparkleball is the annual centerpiece of the carlnye1New Year’s Eve Dance at Cubberley Pavilion.  It is a feat of engineering constructed of 334 10oz hard Chinet cups,  700 led mini-lights, and suspended by a meticulous system of dacron fishing cord above the dance floor.   When not performing, Carl’s NYE Ball rests in its own custom-made storage box.

But don’t worry.   From my experience even just one ordinary sparkleball makes New Year’s Eve sparklier.   Nothing goes better with champagne :)

click on Carl’s photos for details.  More New Year’s sparkleball ideas here and on Pinterest.

Garrett and Jason’s MACETECH sparkleball