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Rob Sparkleball Jones

Last month at New York Maker’s Faire, Rob Stephens displayed his popular programmable RGB/LED sparkleballs,  pixelballs.  But the surprise hit was his sparkleball hat.  So many people asked to try it on, that Rob had to take photos. Mark Mathias was there and with Rob’s help, carried the idea to his church’s youth group, who made pixel and battery-pack sparkleball hats for Halloween.  

Check out Rob’s website and his photo collection of “Sparkle Heads.”  Rob’s also working on easy instructions for programmable LED sparkleballs.




For All My Dads

<i>sparkleballs by Carl</i>
sparkleballs by Carl

Sometimes we don’t get the dad we want.   We don’t get the man who teaches us how to drive a stick-shift or fix a leaky faucet.   How to negotiate a business deal or measure with calipers.  All those practical, cool things that make life more fun.   So throughout my life,  I’ve gathered helpful male friends who probably would hate being referred to as my “dads,”  but in so many ways, they are.

Here’s a big hug for my stepfather Bill.  Hugs and kisses to my surf grandfathers :) Bill Andrews and Inside Wave Dave.  The biggest hug to my husband Steve who lets me use his tool chest.

And a ton of gratitude to my sparkleball “dads.”  All the men who’ve shared ideas and photos with me, especially the Men of Yale Ave, Carl (The Master) Boro and Rob (Sparkleball Jones) Stephens.  You’ve all nudged me out of my comfort zone and into the garage of my dreams.


The Day Carl Changed My Life:

A Gift from Rob: