Sparkleballs for New Year’s Eve

There are two ways to go with your New Year’s Eve sparkleball.  Giant drop-the-ball-at-midnight dazzle. (and see below) And champagne-sparkly-chic like Nargiza, Nick, Misha, and the Pinks.   Happy New Year!

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Nargiza’s Light Balls

Nargiza Usmanova Project 12 Light BallsDesigner Nargiza Usmanova made the shortlist of the prestigious 2016 DARC lighting design awards with her haunting installation, “12.”   She hand-wove the light balls out of colored wire,  6000 zipties, and LED lights from GVA Lighting, her design partner.  Originally created for a Moscow Biennale,  the installation was reimagined in the Limehouse Conservation Area, Ontario, Canada by Nargiza with help from NUMZ Graphics, Victor Zubashev, and photographer Maxim Zinchuck.

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Numz Graphics


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