What’s Hanging Now – August

20160729_163006This one’s a little crazy.  Just because it’s summer and it’s hot and these spoons were only a few dollars at my favorite 99-cent store.  The inspiration came from Pink 20160728_155424Vintage, a shop in England, who gave their sparkleball a halo of glitter rays last Christmas.   I made a basic sparkleball with some old multi-lights and stuck the spoons between the cups.  Hotglue holds them in place.  That’s a good thing  about sparkleballs.  Plain or fancy.  They’re all good. While I was taking the photo,  a butterfly landed on one of the purple flowers :)



More things to stick on and in sparkleballs :)
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 helpful DIY how-to posts:
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–  using different lights – 2
–  drilling a perfect hole
–  how to get it really round
–  make The Original Sparkleball
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–  making Mini Sparkleballs




But are they Sparkleballs?

I’ve seen a bunch of pseudo-sparkleballs in my time, and some are pretty wonderful.  Manufactured sparkleballs are really just round light fixtures, and none of them have that  je ne sais quoi  of  a real one. They don’t have the Original Sparkleball‘s  50 little reflective chambers, nor its inimitable sparkle and glow.   The deal is, sparkleballs are handmade.  If you want one you’ll have to make it.  Or find someone to make it for you.  

Fake Sparkleball
I spotted this one in Palm Springs last week. It was pretty glamorous. (Moori, $300)


Super Bowl Sparkleball

I’m not a big football fan, but my friend Carol is, especially with this year’s Super Bowl happening in her backyard.  She felt like the perfect way to kick off the festivities was with a gold (official color of Super Bowl 50!)  sparkleball.   Carol opted to go the spray-paint route.  In 6 of the cups, she created little “windows” with painter’s tape (see below) so more light gets out and shows off the gold color at night.

How about a team ball?  Orange and navy for Broncos.  Black-blue-silver for Panthers.  Spray paint cups like Carol did and build the Original Sparkleball.  Or make a Hard Cup Sparkleball with color cups from Party City.  Or use different color mini lights (available on Amazon or at any number of Christmas lights outlets online.)  Hang it on the front porch, and everybody will know where the Super Bowl party is.  Then post and tag #sparkleball on  facebook, instagram or twitter :)

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