Painting the Cups

Ordinary sparkleballs don’t look that hot in daylight, but painted sparkleballs look terrific.   They’re also a fun way to celebrate your team colors or match the front gate.

With spray-paint, it’s super easy.  Just spray the cups before you start building.  Make sure the spray-paint is made for plastic, then go to town.

I like to spray the thickest coat on the cup bottoms, with just a little overspray on the sides.  Once the ball is together, the wires are hidden but  there’s plenty of clear plastic to shine and reflect the light.  A little like a tie-dyed effect.  To do this, spray once the halves are built before you add the lights.

You can also use more than one color to make a pattern. I generally don’t paint the insides of the cups, just the outsides, but you can paint a sparkleball any way you want :)


What’s Hanging Now – May

O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! 

Really, is there any place where May isn’t lovely?  Even in California it’s just a teensy bit greener than usual, and in Texas, where I’m from, May was nigh perfect.  So here’s a frolic, gay, green and merry sparkleball. Random painted cups and 70 LED clear bulbs.   LED’s are often too sharp and bright, so they work perfectly in the painted cups.  This one makes me happy, day or night.

snippet above from THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY,  Thomas Dekker (1572-1631)