Sparkleballs for New Year’s Eve

There are two ways to go with your New Year’s Eve sparkleball.  Giant drop-the-ball-at-midnight dazzle. (and see below) And champagne-sparkly-chic like Nargiza, Nick, Misha, and the Pinks.   Happy New Year!

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checklist for making sparkleballs

Here’s an easy checklist to nudge you gently forward on making the sparkleball you’ve always wanted.  With the materials on hand, you’re halfway there.

1. Cups. When you’re grocery shopping, back-to-school shopping, or at the pharmacy look out for Solo 9oz tumblers. They come in packs of 40s and 50s, and you’ll need 50 cups per ball so buy more than you think you need.

2. Stapler and staples. Once you’ve got the cups, test the stapler you have to see if it works to join two plastic cups. No? You’ll need a plier stapler. I bought my Arrow at Ace Hardware. And don’t forget staples!

3. Drill and 1/2″ bit. This is for the holes in the bottom of the cups. Got a drill? Got a 1/2″ drill bit? Got a friend who does? You’re in business. If you’re going to make a bunch of sparkleballs, invest in a step drill bit which is made specially for drilling plastic. (You can also use a soldering iron to burn the holes in, but you’ll need really good ventilation.)

4. Lights. You need a string of 100 minilights to put 2 per cup. Do you have an old string? If not, gather all the other stuff, and when the lights hit stores in October, Voila! You’re ready to make your sparkleball.  Want battery lights?  Amazon has some good ones.

5. Hanging stuff.  You’ll want to hang it right away, so check out this pinterest page for ideas about hanging sparkleballs.  An extension cord comes in handy.

6. Party.  Share this post with friends and plan a sparkleball party together.  That’ll git ‘er done, as my stepdad Bill says.



How to Make New Year’s Sparkle

Just one sparkleball will add chic to your New Year’s party, whether fancy or football. Everybody will want to know how you made this amazing ball of light thing.  And you’ll say,  well, it’s just Solo cups and Christmas lights :) If you can bear it, race to Walmart or Target or CVS to buy your lights half-price.  (Walmart also has Solo cups.)  Think of using battery-powered lights, then you can make a sparkleball centerpiece for the table.  Don’t forget the stapler or soldering iron.  Or order a sparkleball kit!

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DIY the Original Sparkleball

– Order Sparkleball Kit

More New Year’s Ideas

Lady Beth Entertains

The theme of her son’s 18th birthday party was Gentlemen’s Agreement Masquerade, so Lady Beth let her creative side  — in her words — “go wild.”  Among the decorations she made are these very wild, very cool sparkleballs.  Embellished cleverly with handcrafted masks, feathers, and jewels,  they look almost like fancy party guests themselves.   A big thank you to Lady Beth for sharing.  And very best wishes to her son :)

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