Sparkle Egg


These amazing sparkleball eggs are fashioned out of hard plastic shot glasses and clear address labels. Master Sparkleballer Carl Boro figured out that using labels to join cups would allow the flexibility he needed to form an egg shape.  He also crafted the top and bottom in slightly different formulas, which I love.   I’ve never worked with address labels, but it seems like an inventive way to join hard cups.

– 154  1-oz shot glasses  per egg
– formulas for each side:   4-10-14-17-18-19  and  1-6-12-16-18-18
– 154 lights   (Carl added extra lights to 3 strings of 50)

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German Third Cousin

Meike Harde

I’ve always wondered who invented sparkleballs.  I mean, who looked at a bunch of plastic cups and saw a sphere of light?  To me, that’s an artist. Someone who sees the possibilities the rest of us have to be shown.  German artist Meike Harde makes light fixtures out of plastic cups, plates and bowls.  Her work is beautiful, and just maybe we might consider the sparkleball as its very distant American cousin.  

Thank you to sparkleball maker Miguel Gutierrez-Ranzi for introducing me to Harde’s work.