Carl’s “Retro” Ball

My favorite sparkleball may be the one Carl Boro makes with big old-school C9 bulbs, which he calls the “retro” ball.  Carl is a former mechanical technician, and this precision shows in his sparkleballs.  Even for him, the “retro” is pretty labor intensive.  Carl wants the lights to point perfectly like a star, so he designed a plastic disk to fit in the bottom of each cup.  The disk is gored and slit so when the lights are pushed through, they are gripped in place. (see left)    If I ever make  a “retro,” I’ll try it first without the disk to see what it looks like.  Because I’m lazy.  Because I’m not as particular as Carl.  But, really, that’s the beauty of sparkleball-making.  Anything goes.  And  so far, I’ve never seen an ugly one.

Click photo for details.