Sparkleballs of Sydney

Sparkleballs by MistyLast Christmas when Misty Cheesman started making sparkleballs, neighbors joined in to make and hang them, too. Friends came by for lessons. Custom orders snowballed,  and suddenly Misty was in the sparkleball business.

This year Misty is making  sparkleballs to sell at craft markets and from home.  It’s  not easy work.  Each sparkleball is melted together, since 9 oz cups in Australia are hard plastic.  Misty must work outside and in a heavy mask because of the fumes. (It’s summer and HOT in Australia right now.)  Each sparkle ball is threaded with 200 lights, twice the norm.   

The joy of her customers keeps her going, Misty says.  A good sense of humor also must help.  The business was originally called Nice Balls, but sister Denise convinced her to go with the classier Oz Sparkle Balls.  

Visit Oz Sparkle Balls on Facebook.  The photos and videos are terrific, and Misty’s posts are great fun.  If you’re in Sydney,  it’s sparkle time!  PM Misty to buy some nice balls.  :)

How to Make: Sparklehive

Sparklehive by Sabel
Pyramid 1 |  /// cups

The superstar of Sabel’s collection is Sparklehive, the Frank Lloyd Wright of sparkleballs.  It’s built in two pyramids of stacked rectangles, which are then joined end to end with a soldering iron.  Pyramid one (at left) is 6 tiers of cups placed the same way  //// .  In Pyramid two the cups are nested /\//\/.  A light strand is suspended inside from the top and  cascades down.    Sabel says that Sparklehive looms over the room in a wonderfully creepy way.  I think it’s quite majestic.