Making Mini Sparkleballs


Dart makes souffle or portion cups in 4, 2 and 1-oz sizes.  They are closest to small solo-style cups I’ve found.  So you can follow the Original Sparkleball instructions and come out with mini versions.  The 4-oz cups (left) make a really nice mini.  The 1-oz souffle cup (right) is trickier.  With it, I had to follow a 14-11-6-1 recipe. My stapler was too big,  so I used paper clips and hot glue, as in the Hard Cup method.  The 1 oz mini also has room for only 25-50 lights.

Remember to staple deep in the cups and make sure the rims meet.  Also,  there are some stapling guidelines if you want your sparkleball really round.  Read them here.

To find portion cups, check restaurant supply stores, like Smart & Final. Try online. It also looks like Dixie makes some similar cups, including a 2 oz jello shot cup.

To make a mini sparkleball with hard plastic shot glasses and see more mini sparkleballs made with other cups go here.  And a collection of mini sparkleballs on Pinterest.

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Mini-Sparkleballs by Brandon and Randy Schimka

belardo8The easiest mini-sparkleball to make is with 4 oz “souffle cups.”  These pudding cups are close in proportion to 9 oz solo-style cups, just smaller, so the same 12-9-4 formula works.   I learned this trick from Randy and Brandon Schimka, the father and son team who produce Belardo Lights, one of San Diego’s most popular front-yard electronic light and music holiday displays.  The Schimkas, including granddad Joe, work all year planning and building for opening night Saturday after Thanksgiving.  On the Schimka’s belardo7website, you’ll find the inspiring story behind Belardo Lights and many how-to’s for their custom-made display items and electrical systems, including their souffle cup mini-sparkleballs.   (See our page on mini’s for other ways to make them.)

See the Schimka’s light show at 5306 Belardo Dr, San Diego CA, 28 Nov – 27 Dec .  Great video of the entire display with mini-sparkleballs