Patio Life – 2

Amazing how a bright pink sparkleball can light up the dark corner of a patio– even when it’s not turned on.

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helpful DIY how-to posts:
–  find the right cups
 tips for inserting lights
–  the best stapler
–  how to hang it – 1
–  how to hang it – 2
–  how to hang it – 3
–  using different lights – 1
–  using different lights – 2
–  drilling a perfect hole
–  how to get it really round
–  make The Original Sparkleball
–  make AnyCup Sparkleball
–  making Mini Sparkleballs









Camper’s Friend

laber1I’ve received more than a few emails over the years saying that sparkleballs are old friends on American campgrounds.   That’s always made me wonder if the inventor of sparkleballs was part of the camping scene or if it’s simply how the craft spread, by travelers going from campsite to campsite.   It’s fun to share a new camp photo from the Laber family along with some oldies.  If you have a camper sparkleball, please share!   And psst: how great would a solar sparkleball be for camping :)

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sparkleball how-to posts:

make The Original Sparkleball
 make The Any-Cup Sparkleball
 find the right cups
– tips for putting in the lights
–  the best stapler
–  how to hang it – 1
–  how to hang it – 2
–  using different kinds of lights
–  drilling the perfect hole

Every Patio Wants a Sparkleball

Nothing says summer like a Patio Sparkleball.     Add a few glasses of wine, a little night music, and it’s  a party.  For your imagination, here are a few of my favorite Summer Sparkleball ideas.

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What’s Hanging Now – June

It’s “June Gloom”  in San Diego.  Skies are grey.  Not cool,  not warm. Kinda blah.  Tomatoes stall on the vine. Tourists feel cheated.  This big sparkleball is perfect.  Made with a mix of 16 oz color cups and 7 oz water cups, it brings cheer to the day and a summery glow to my evening.