Carl built it with paper clips then used silicon caulk to attach the cups.

Here’s a sparkleball made with Party City color hard plastic cups  in “white.”  The maker, Carl Boro,paired them with warm white LED lights for a soft ivory pearlescence.  Total moon-glow.   Because of the cup’s shape, each half is built in four rings: 14 – 11 – 6 – 1   (64 cups in all.)   To see how Carl does it, check out instructions for the Hard Cup Sparkleball.  


july4_1There are as many ways to make a 4th of July sparkleball as bombs bursting in air or patties on the grill.  I spray-painted cups red, white and blue.  Then I had fun arranging them in red/white stripes and a blue field of white “stars.” 5 It’s not very sparkly, but the colors are bright and festive even when lit. See more 4th of July sparkle ball ideas on  Pinterest .  Happy 4th!