The Perfect Hole


I’ve given Carl Boro a lot of credit on this site, and no wonder. If anyone knows about building sparkleballs, it’s Carl. Probably his very best tip is the 1/2″ step drill bit.  Carl uses the bit in a drill press. (video here)  I use mine in a hand drill.  The bit costs  about $14, but it makes absolutely perfect holes.   Lights slip in, and they stay put. You can drill up to 4 soft cups at a time. And I’ve stuffed as many as 4 lights in a single hole, although 2-3 works best.

A regular 1/2″ drill bit works just fine if it’s sharp enough. Use a knife and cut x’s in the cup bottoms. Or a soldering iron to melt holes. Any hole is better than no hole!  So just do it. . .like the man in Canada who put holes in his cups with a screwdriver he heated up on the stove top :)  A sparkleball is very forgiving.

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