The Tom Method

Back in 2009 a sparkleball maker named Tom sent me his unique instructions for making a sparkleball.   His method uses only 48 cups and works like this:

When finished, Tom’s Sparkleball and the Original Sparkleball look pretty much the same, so what’s the point?   The point is. . . fun.  I’ve been documenting this craft for 11 years, and I’m still surprised by the possibilities people find in a bunch of plastic cups and mini-lights.  For all I know, Tom’s method may be more geometrical or stronger or rounder or better.   By using 2 cups less, it’s certainly more economical :)

Thank you, Tom, wherever you are.



3 thoughts on “The Tom Method

    1. Hi Maryfrances! The drill bit is mine. I learned about it from Carl Boro, a sparkleball master. It’s a “step drill” bit size: 1/2″. You can find it online or at your local hardware store. It’s made for drilling plastic and makes a perfect hole for 2 or 3 minilights. You can even drill 2-4 cups at at time.

      1. Thanks for the info. Going to add one of these to my tool box. I do drill more then one cup at a time but have too many little bits of plastic left hanging around due to the drill bit I am using. Great idea…thanks!!

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