Tips on Plugging In

Here are two suggestions to make it easier and more attractive when you hang your sparkleball.

1. Hide The Plug
A small tweak that makes a big difference, especially when your mini-lights have short leader wires.  Plug sparkleball into an extension cord, then push all the plugs back inside the ball, through gap between cups.  Re-staple cups if necessary. Only the extension cord wire is left.  Much neater!


2.  Make Your Own Extension Cord
Action Lighting sells these wonderful gadgets called “vampire plugs.”  They’re male and female parts which slide and lock onto lamp wire with little teeth, hence the nickname.   Vampire plugs are great for customizing cords of any length. I like making short ones to connect balls to each other.  You can also create a long cord with a series of female plugs at intervals, to hang a row of sparkleballs with less cord mess.   Plugs sold here.  Good instructions here.      (click photos for more information.)

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