What’s Hanging Now – July


The Fourth of July is our biggest national holiday, but for me it’s about memories.  Of family gatherings, potato salad, fireworks, and Juliet marching in the Fredericksburg TX Fourth of July parade.  I’m far from my family now, so last year I painted cups to make a Fourth of July sparkleball.  This year I’ve added five red, white and blue mirrored pinwheels  (or whirlygigs as I prefer to call them.)  Poke them through the light holes, and you’re done.    Whirring and flashing all day, it’s like having my own mini-parade. Great fun! Happy Fourth!

helpful DIY how-to posts:
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 tips for inserting lights
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–  how to hang it – 3
–  using different lights – 1
–  using different lights – 2
–  drilling a perfect hole
–  how to get it really round
–  make The Original Sparkleball
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