Why I Love the Arrow P22

Nobody pays me to promote the Arrow P22.  I’ve  tried other plier staplers, but the P22 is  my personal favorite  for building sparkleballs.  It staples plastic cups like butter.  Well, almost.  Sometimes it needs a little oil. Sometimes  a staple jams. It’s a tad clunky.  But we’re old friends, and nothing does the job better.

Today I learned that the P22 is made in the USA.  Hooray!  And that Arrow was founded by Morris Abrams, the inventor of the staple gun and clearly a man with an overall special talent for staplers.  Mr Abrams was born in New York City in 1908, the son of Romanian immigrants.  I like that my stapler has an authentic American story.  Just like sparkleballs :)

The Arrow P22™ will run you $15ish, with a box of staples adding another 2.50 or so. Once you have it, you’ll find it’s good for stapling all kinds of things.  Look for it at Ace Hardware, on Amazon, in places like Home Depot, and maybe at craft stores. Don’t forget to buy Arrow P22 staples.


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